A wonderful article courtesy of New Haven Independent:

helping end homelessness in new haven

John Ray Munsey, Jr. saw his girlfriend die of a fentanyl overdose right in front of him. He knew his life of substance abuse and struggling with anger and depression and especially chronic homelessness, including long stints living in the woods, absolutely had to change.

Fast forward three years — when Munsey got the keys to a new apartment, and a new life.

“Seeing her die in front of me turned it around,” he said of his girlfriend. After that moment, roll the clock ahead three years to just two weeks ago, Feb. 1, 2017. That’s when Munsey took the keys to his beautiful new apartment, unit # 205 at in the supportive housing section of New Reach’s Geller Commons off Shepherd Avenue in Hamden. It also happened to be his birthday.

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