Meet Angelica

Angelica, 24, and her two children were living doubled up with family in New Haven when emotional abuse forced her to remove her children from a potentially damaging situation. Unemployed and out of options, Angelica arrived at a New Reach emergency shelter desperate to keep her children  Tony, 3, and Sasha, 5, and to stay off of the streets.

When her family couldn’t, New Reach provided a critical safety net for Angelica, offering not just a place to live, but the support and services necessary to ensure her independence moving forward. From the security of their private room with access to free food, clothing, toiletries, and child care, Angelica has worked alongside her case manager to rebuild her life and keep her family together. After months in the shelter Angelica is employed full-time for the first time in her life. She is saving to cover a security deposit and first month’s rent, and has received a voucher for subsidized housing from the city. She is looking forward to moving into her own apartment for the first time.

With the support of New Reach, Angelica and her children are building a more hopeful future.