Building on 28 years of experience in helping children, youth, families, and chronically homeless adults, we know what works to break the cycle of homelessness in people’s lives.  New Reach delivers a full spectrum of housing interventions to over 3,500 Connecticut residents each year including over 2,000 children. Our goal is that all YOUTH, FAMILIES, AND INDIVIDUALS find a safe, affordable home with services and supports necessary to achieve a fulfilling, self-reliant life.


Solutions That Work

We know that permanent supportive housing works in reducing homelessness.  But it is also the most cost-effective way to do it.  By reducing the use of crisis services frequently used by people experiencing homelessness—services like emergency rooms, hospitals, jails, prisons, psychiatric centers, detox programs—there is significant public cost savings. In fact, recent studies show that permanent supportive housing not only pays for itself but actually results in net public savings.

Cost Effective Interventions

Average annual cost of permanent supportive housing for one person versus public costs of one person living on the streets for a year:

Source: ECONOMIC ROUNDTABLE, Where We Sleep.

*Includes cost for hospitals & clinics, paramedics, police/courts, jail & welfare services.