July 26th, 2017



Twenty-seven years ago, Careways Shelter for Women and Children opened its doors to the New Haven community, providing ten units of emergency family shelter. Since that time, Careways has sheltered thousands of families experiencing homelessness, and New Reach has grown to provide not only shelter, but supportive and affordable housing for New Haven’s most vulnerable families.

With the implementation of the “Opening Doors” policy agenda at the national and state levels, the last decade has seen a shift in federal, state, and municipal funding away from shelters and towards the development of supportive and affordable housing as the critical component of a collective effort to end homelessness. As part of this effort, New Reach has developed over 100 units of supportive and affordable housing in the New Haven area, and can attest to the impact this housing has on our ability to stabilize the tenancies of residents caught in the generational cycles of homelessness and poverty.

While we believe that supportive and affordable housing is the key to ending homelessness, we also recognize the important role that shelter must play in the homeless crisis response system. For this reason, we have worked tirelessly to maintain our emergency shelter services for 51 households per night in New Haven.  However, with the current and pending reduction of government funding, New Reach has made a strategic decision to close Careways shelter by the end of August.

This closure will allow the agency to maintain the financial viability of our two larger shelters, but will, unfortunately, take 10 units of critical family shelter offline in New Haven at a time when vulnerable families are struggling to survive here.

We recognize that closing Careways will be a loss for the city and will impact the ten families who are currently in residence there. New Reach staff is working to do what we can to keep these families housed and will be helping to resolve their current housing challenges to the best of our ability.

New Reach remains committed to serving New Haven residents well into the future. By consolidating agency resources in this uncertain economic climate, we are ensuring our ability to continue to provide high- quality, emergency shelter services for the city at Martha’s Place and Life Haven, which combined accommodate 41 households every night.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in the work we do. Please know how much we appreciate your support. It is our privilege to serve the citizens of New Haven and we look forward to continuing to provide critical housing interventions for those experiencing homelessness and poverty.


Kellyann Day, LMSW

Chief Executive Officer