Meet Natalie…

Natalie's New Reach Story

Natalie, 11, and her 9 year old sister, Alicia, along with their 3 siblings and infant nephew, became homeless when their mom lost her job. These two little girls faced an uncertain future and the possibility of being separated from their mom and from each other. Leaving behind their home and most of their belongings, the girls entered a New Reach shelter with their family.

Alicia and Natalie have found security and stability in shelter. Shelter staff worked with New Haven Public Schools to ensure they stay at the elementary school they have always attended despite the change in their living situation. The shelter after-school program offers a warm and comforting place to get help with homework, work on arts and crafts projects, play with other kids and borrow and read books. They are safe, together, and their mom has found a new job and is saving to move the family to a new apartment.

The sisters’ story would have a much different ending if not for the critical support services provided by New Reach. With a safe place to stay and access to the services their family needs, Alicia and Natalie will soon be able to let go of the fear of being separated from their family and look forward to a more hopeful future.