Meet Nicole

Nicole's Story

Nicole came to a New Reach shelter when she could no longer stay with her grandmother. Twenty-two years old with a four year old and five months pregnant with twins, Nicole needed more than a place to stay. Without a full time job she was unable to afford child care. Without child care she could not get a full time job. With her due date looming Nicole needed a safe place to stay and support services ranging from pre-natal care to housing and vocational planning, and everything in between.

Upon shelter entry, Nicole was connected to a Healthy Start case worker who was able to ensure she received pre-natal care and enroll her daughter in child care. From there Nicole and her case worker mapped out a plan for her independence that included employment and education, housing, childcare and healthcare. While it took some time and a lot of hard work, today Nicole is employed full-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant¬†and lives in her own, three-bedroom apartment with her daughter and newborn baby girls. New Reach provided critical, holistic, case management services tailored to Nicole’s specific needs, as well as basic shelter, food and clothing. After her stay at New Reach, Nicole and her three children are all healthy and safe with a much more hopeful future ahead of them.