The adverse economic effects of this pandemic on our agency include: an attention to the safety and health of our clients and staff; an increased demand for direct services; frequent and costly deep cleanings of our facilities; technological enhancements as staff work remotely from home; a rise in needed flexible funding to assist clients who are affected by homelessness and poverty; a significant loss in fundraising revenue; as well as a multitude of other long-term challenges. Volunteers who typically prepare and serve meals at our shelters have paused such activities, food and other donations have decreased, salaries to ensure shelter coverage have been increased, and there has been a high need for flexible funding to help individuals, families, and youth with basic needs such as food, safe housing, and supplies.

We further anticipate that this crisis will continue to deepen the economic and social needs of many more people over the long term. Our goal is to remain a visible and able entity, continuing to provide the wide spectrum of integrated housing and services that we know will be critically needed.

It is our honor to thank all those who have demonstrated their care through financial and in-kind support during this unprecedented time – a testament that parallels New Reach’s deliberate, inclusive, and intentional work, now more than ever before. We believe that your support will help us to prevent the widening of disparities in housing and health now and in the future.